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Led Zeppelin Photo Collage

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Led Zeppelin Photo Collage

This is a rare first time offering of "Led Zeppelin at the Forum". Rivendell Gallery is pleased to
present a Limited Edition photo collage of Led Zeppelin! Arguably, the best rock group of all
time,these photographs exhibit their charismatic dominance of the rock world.
Led Zeppelin Collage

"I saw you, I knew you, I touched you when the world was young."
Robert Plant

This Special Limited Edition Photo Collage of "Led Zeppelin at the Forum" may be purchased at a
special price of $395.00 As pictured above,it contains (4) 5x7"s and (1) 8x10 professional
Ilfochrome Classic photographs formerly known as Cibachromes. Direct scans from original
Ektachrome slides taken live from the Forum provide the best and longest lasting images
possible.These are original color prints,not duotones or computer enhanced images. Because of jpeg
compression and low resolution the pictures portrayed on this web page give little merit to the
originals you will receive.These classic prints are mounted on professional archival quality 4-ply
non buffered cotton rag board cut to produce a "concert" effect, framed in a metallic gold wood
frame, and signed by photographer with details on the back.
Led Zeppelin Collage Available For Sale and Viewing at the
William Ris Gallery 2208 Market Street in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania 17011
Quantity is LIMITED
Head to the Ordering Page
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